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Children's Summer Reading Program-July 9th-11th

On Tuesday, July 9th from 11am-12pm, the New Moon Theater will present “Minwa”-Japanese Folktale. Master storyteller Julie Kurzava will bring to life three traditional Japanese folk talks that highlight our shared values of kindness, generosity, acceptance and responsibility for our communities with puppets, a mock battle and LOTS of audience participation. On Thursday, July 11th from 11am-12pm, Abbott’s Mill will present “I am the Moon” which will explore the wonder and science of our closest space neighbor, the Moon. Learn how to revolve and orbit and look for craters. Investigate the important role the Moon plays in nature and the life cycle of many plants and animals as it shines, tugs and pulls on our Earth. Meet a variety of live creatures such as Horseshoe Crabs from Delaware Bay and marsh habitats that depend on the Moon. These programs are made possible by collaboration between the Delaware Division of the Arts and the Delaware Division of Libraries.

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